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Shane Albuquerque

Shane Albuquerque
Content Writer – Tech/Entertainment/Gaming

Love photography, gaming, travelling new places, gadgets, networking. Love my dog. Building startups and helping them grow.
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Aaron Saldanha
Aaron Saldanha
Content Writer – Motors

Loves automobiles, writing product reviews
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Author Charles Leo
Charles Leo
Content Writer – Tech

Loves listening to EDM, Mixing Sound
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Autos Arena Gautam
Autos Arena
Content Writer – Motors

Loves automobiles, writes about everything on wheels
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Author Vaibhav Upadhyaya
Vaibhav Upadhyaya
Content Writer – Tech/Entertainment

Dance | Artist | Dog-lover | Down to Earth | Budding Engineer | Writer | Gamer
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Author Pooja Chaudhary
Pooja Chaudhary
Content Writer – Lifestyle

Pooja is passionate about blogging and Tech which makes life easier and interesting. While she is not exploring tech trends, you can find her devouring epic fantasy, adventure literature and movies from across the globe.
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Author Amit Mozar
Amit Mozar
Content Writer – Gaming

Amit Mozar is the Media professional in Films, Television and Commercials with 9+ years of experience and knowledge in essential verticals of VFX, Animation, Business Development, Training, Writing, Social Media
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Author Sanyukta Bhattacharjee
Sanyukta Bhattacharjee
Content Writer – Tech/Lifestyle/Apps

Sanyukta is passionate about her work and shows an uncanny interest in Food, Art, and Wilds. When she is not typing away other’s glories, she fancies of exploring the unmapped wildernesses. Behind closed doors, you can find her devouring into books or movies.
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Author Joanna Bhusari
Joanna Bhusari
Content Writer – Tech/Lifestyle

I’m an English Literature majors graduate based out of Mumbai. I run my own travel blog and operate as a freelance writer and photographer for various websites. Reading and writing, for me, is a way to express and escape. Express myself to kindred souls
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Ankita Dutta
Ankita Dutta
Content Writer – Lifestyle

Writes about Dairy & Food, Academic Writing, Fitness, Travel, Home
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Jonathan Maheshwar Hotcore Author
Jonathan Maheshwar
Content Writer – Tech

When Jonathan is not busy writing about the latest updates in Technology, you can find him surrounded by books, listening to music and volunteering himself to teach underprivileged ones about a better future. More the sharing, more the happiness!
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Purnanshu Sharma Hotcore Author
Purnanshu Sharma
Content Writer – Motors

Big time automotive enthusiast, part-time engineer, I read, collect and feed about cars. Being a technical head, I write about emerging technologies in a way so that the viewers can understand automobiles better. When not blogging, I am out wandering amidst lofty mountains or hitting the gym to keep my abs intact.

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