About Us

Hotcore was launched with an aim to provide the latest news, reviews, updates, videos and information on Science, Technology, Gadgets, Hi-Fi equipment, AV entertainment, Automobiles, Lifestyle products and services, networking and all other spheres of the human society where technology, art, entertainment, and business come together.

This is a platform where detailed and in-depth content is delivered to the reader from the moment it is born, and with the help of renowned industry professionals, all stories, product information, and industry news is conveyed with the highest level of authenticity and accuracy.

Founding Team

Shane Albuquerque
Shane Albuquerque
Co-Founder, VP Technology & Design

Love photography, gaming, travelling new places, gadgets, networking. Love my dog. Building startups and helping them grow.
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Aaron Saldanha
Aaron Saldanha
Co-Founder, Managing Director

Loves automobiles, writing product reviews
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