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Types of Private jets and the Best in their respective category

3.Large Private jets

As the name suggests, these have even larger space with a wide-body cabin, ample of headroom good enough for having bathrooms, decent luggage capacity and much more. They can accommodate 12-14 passengers with an average flying distance of 4000 miles.

1. Dassault Falcon 7X/8X

The Falcon 7X by Dassault is a very distinctive Tri-jet amongst its Falcon lineup. The three engine design helps in covering large transcontinental distances as well as taking off and landing on shorter runways. With a range of 6000 nautical miles, these private jets can cover almost all the global destinations across the world. The Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307 turbofan engines produce over 6000 pounds of thrust. Thus making them one of the fastest private jets in the world achieving a top speed of Mach 0.90.

Dassault falcon 7X/8X Private jets

Inside the cabin is three separate seating zones designed to comfortably fit 12-16 persons depending upon the size you buy. At 1.9m high, you can stand straight easily. The passenger amenities include the Rockwell Collins falcon cabin management system with 3 LCDs in different sections. Equipped with Dual CD/DVD/MP3 system and Ethernet ports and WiFi, you can enjoy all those long flight hours.

Dassault falcon 7X/8X Private jets interior

The front-facing seats have recliner features which can be converted into nice comfy beds. There is a separate conference room for all those in-flight business meetings.  The flight deck is loaded with upgraded avionics allowing for safe global travel and next-gen compliance.

All these Bells & whistles and best in class performance comes at a price tag of $54 million going all the way up to $60 million for the big brother, the 8X.

SpecificationsFalcon 7XFalcon 8X
Capacity (Passengers) :12-16
Maximum Cruise Speed :369 kn (685 km/h)
Baggage Capacity :170 cu ft180 cu ft
Engine :3 X P&W307A/307D
Engine Thrust :6,402/6722 lbf
Cabin Length:24 ft (7.3 m)26 ft 10 in (8.2 m)
Length :76 ft 7 in (19.69 m)80 ft 1 in (20.74 m)
Height :25 ft 1 in (6.43 m)26 ft 2 in (6.44 m)
Wingspan :86 ft 25 in (20.25 m)
Range :5950 nm6450 nm
landing distance :2070 ft2240 ft
Maximum altitude :51000 ft51000 ft
*specifications may vary over time.

2. Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650 is the company’s flagship airliner with the newest and most advanced technology that sets it years ahead of the industry. With new generation design, fly by wire technology and the two Rolls Royce engines powering, this aircraft can fly 8 passengers for 13000 km at a supersonic speed of 982 km/h.

Gulfstream G650 Private jets

The silent inside, even when the engine is on, is achieved by the Gulfstream’s cutting-edge noise reduction technology. The cabin is divided into 4 compartments. Individual seats in the front, a common area for entertainment, a conference cum dining area and private quarters at the rear.

The cabin management can be done by individual iPods for every passenger. The in-flight entertainment is such that you can enjoy a movie collectively or individually. The headsets or loudspeakers embedded in the cabin provide a good sounding environment. With 6’5” tall and 8’6” wide, there is more than enough room for a hassle-free passage.

Gulfstream G650 Private jets cabin

The G650 is the biggest, fastest, longest range and also the most comfortable private jets ever built by Gulfstream. And thus, it costs a whopping $68 million. And with Such a smart cabin design and fuel-efficient high performance makes a 15-hour flight seem a delight.

We believe that new advancements in technology will dramatically change the air charter industry over the next several years. We believe that new aircraft designs, advanced computer technology and high-speed Internet on jet charter flights will increase the efficiency and productivity of Private jets.

SpecificationsGulfstream G650
Capacity (Passengers) :19 (Sleeps 10)
Maximum Cruise Speed :MACH 0.85
Baggage Capacity :195 cu ft
Engine :Two Rolls-Royce BR725 A1-12
Engine Thrust :16,900 lbf
Cabin Length:46 ft 10 in (14.27 m)
Length :99 ft 9 in (30.41 m)
Height :25 ft 8 in (7.82 m)
Wingspan :99 ft 7 in (30.36 m)
Range :7,000 nm (12,964 km)
Takeoff Distance :5,858 ft (1,786 m)
Maximum Cruise Altitude :51,000 ft (15,545 m)

So my dear readers, what’s your take on the present/future of private jets? do let us know in the comments section below.

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