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Types of Private jets and the Best in their respective category

2. Mid-size/Super Mid-size Private Jets

With increased space and headroom, these aircraft are suitable for comfortable long-range travels, mostly transcontinental distances. With a seating capacity of 10-12 people, they can cover an average of 2500 miles in four to five hours non-stop.

Gulfstream G280

1. Gulfstream G280

A strong competitor in today’s mid-size market, the G280 boasts increased range to allow true transcontinental travel. With exceptional short-range performance, low maintenance cost and improved warranty, it offers class-leading experience adding to an impressive customer network.

The two rear-mounted Honeywell HTF7250G engines on this super mid-size jet produce 7624 lbs of take-off thrust, enough to propel the aircraft to a top speed of Mach 0.84. On a full tank, it can cover a distance of 3600 nautical miles, thanks to the improved efficiency.

Gulfstream G280 cabin

It offers a highly desirable 9 passenger professionally styled floor plan. The cabin has a double club configuration with all the bells and whistles like the recliner seats which can be made into a full-fledged bed. And The Gulfstream’s state of the art entertainment system with iPods for cabin management, a dual slot Blu-ray DVD player, dual USB ports, 19” LCD monitors and a good sounding audio system. It is one of the most sought mid-size private jets available in the flying market.

So if you are thinking of purchasing this aircraft, then it’s going to grab $25 million from your pockets, but it’ll be worth it.

SpecificationsGulfstream G280
Range :3600 nm
Capacity (Passengers) :10
Maximum Cruise Speed :562.25 ktas
Engine Takeoff Thrust :7624 lbf
Cabin Length:25 ft 4 in (5.28 m)
Length :66 ft 4 in (16.26 m)
Height :21 ft 5 in (4.69 m)
Wingspan :63 ft 10 in (15.49 m)
Takeoff Distance :4750 ft
Landing Distance :2,720 ft

2. Embraer Legacy 450/500

Embraer Legacy Private jets 450/500

This unique mid-sized jets by Embraer is the embodiment of technological advancements in Private jets. Embraer is known for producing top-notch executive aircraft after Boeing and Airbus and this 21st century aeroplane is company’s another effort in living up to its legacy.

The two Honeywell HTF7500 engines produce around 7000 lbs of thrust and the performance is pretty good making it a respectable A2 aircraft. The airfoil on the sweep shaped wings not only reduce drag but also help in high-speed and low-speed performance. Overall the aircraft has a fuel-efficient design.

Embraer Legacy 450/500 Private jets interior

The Legacy 500 has the most purposely designed cabin in its class with a capacity to fit 8-12 persons. While the 450 can accommodate only 7-9 passengers. The 3 part design means that it is ergonomic for a comfortable user experience, has a premium craftsmanship and is easy to service. The in-cabin entertainment is designed by Honeywell automation and sounds very good in this extremely quiet cabin.

Embraer Legacy Private jets avionics

But these features can be found in any other Private jets of this class. The major changes, however, are done to the avionics wherein the flying lever has been replaced with a side stick. The introduction of LCDs has made the flying experience, even more, pilot-friendly. And all these convenience and comforts comes at a cost of $20 million.

SpecificationsLegacy 450Legacy 500
Capacity (Passengers) :7-98-12
Maximum Cruise Speed :462 kn (856 km/h)466 kn (863 km/h)
Baggage Capacity :150 cu ft155 cu ft
Engine :Honeywell HTF7500E
Engine Thrust :6,540/7036 lbf
Cabin Length:24 ft (7.3 m)26 ft 10 in (8.2 m)/td>
Length :64 ft 7 in (19.69 m)68 ft 1 in (20.74 m)
Height :21 ft 1 in (6.43 m)21 ft 2 in (6.44 m)
Wingspan :66 ft 5 in (20.25 m)
Range :2,900 nm (5,371 km)3,125 nm (5,788 km)
Takeoff Distance :3,907 ft (1,191 m)4,084 ft (1,245 m)
Landing Distance :2,090 ft (637 m)2,122 ft (647 m)
Takeoff Distance :3,907 ft (1,191 m)4,084 ft (1,245 m)

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