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Top 5 Upcoming Electric Cars launching around the world

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly day by day. Yesterday, we worried about the ever-rising cost of fuel, low efficiency, high maintenance of the car. We could only dream about Electric Cars which would require no fuel and have cheap maintenance. And We hardly worried about the emissions. Today, we have hybrid technology which has improved efficiency, reduced emissions. It still uses some fuel, has the limited electric drive but the cost of production and maintenance is high.

However, we’re looking at a future with fuel less purely Electric Cars which guarantee phenomenal efficiency, low maintenance, and zero emissions. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming vehicles that will mark the start of an Electric era in the automotive industry.

Top 5 Upcoming Electric Cars launching around the world


The only company that is currently leading in Electric Vehicles category and has given every other company, a run for its money, is Tesla. Tesla has been consistently surprising the automotive industry with its highly efficient and at the same time, top performance EVs. Its Model S & Model X have already set the benchmarks in their respective categories.

Tesla Model 3 Electric Car

Recently, Tesla announced the Model 3 code name “Blue-star” will be a compact executive luxury all-electric 4-door sedan. It is a smaller, simpler, more affordable car. Although it is Tesla’s newest vehicle, Model 3 is not “Version 3” or the most advanced Tesla. Like the Model S, it is designed to be the safest car in its class. It has most of the technology from Model S and is 20 % smaller than its elder brother. It’s going to have a very unique design with no front grille since the Electric cars have less cooling requirements.

Tesla Model 3 Interior


The standard model will come with two powertrain options. A single motor rear wheel drive and a dual motor all-wheel drive. A 50KWh battery will power the car for a range of 130 miles (210km) in just 30 minutes of DC charging. Taking 5.6 seconds from 0-60mph, the standard model will have a top speed of 130mph (210kmph).

Tesla Model 3 Drivetrain

The long-range model will come with three powertrain options, two of which are the same as the standard model. An additional high-performance dual motor all-wheel drive will have an even bigger battery of 75KWh. It will give the car the capability to go 170 miles in just 30 minutes of charge. The high-performance model boasts 0-60mph in just 3.5s sec with a top speed of 250kmph.


The car is going to carry a price tag of $35000 for the standard model and $44000 for the long-range model. It is launching officially on July 28th, 2018.

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