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WWDC 2018 : Updates and Highlights of Apple’s Keynote

Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is advertised as an annual migration for developers, as Apple releases whats in store for the year. The Apple WWDC 2018 saw lot of software upgrades with launch of iOS 12, macOS Mojave, tv4K and watchOS 5.

The new software upgrades brought a lot of new interesting features and updates to previously launched OS for MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

WWDC 2018 Updates announced at Keynote

iOS 12

iOS 12 photos search
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The iOS 12 update focuses not just on new features, but also on performance and security. Keeping in mind the older devices too, iOS 12 uses some performance enhancements and also some real cool upgrades to FaceTime, Animoji and Siri too. Another important aspect of the iOS 12 is the amount of attention and focus given to AR with introduction of ARKit 2. iOS 12 brings grouped notifications, which was not present in earlier versions.

Augmented Reality

iOS 12 Lego ARKit 2
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Apples decision to roll out the ARKit 2.0, the second generation of its AR development software is interesting. The company is now pushing Augmented Reality to be a new basic feature, and Apple has already gone ahead and announced its own file format USDZ(Universal Scene Description) for augmented reality. This new file format introduces some new features like improved face tracking, realistic rendering, persistent experiences and also shared experiences.

Augmented Reality is becoming more important than ever as businesses and companies are increasingly launching AR related or AR dependent products. The release of AR games in the recent past contribute to this growth, and also show that potential users are out there. This, in turn, makes sense for the iPhone too to get this feature as it expands the massive potential app ecosystem and also enables developers too to expand their capabilities in making AR related apps and services a reality.

Memoji and Animoji

iOS 12 Memoji Animoji
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If you are a Bitmoji user, then you don’t need a class on the new Memoji. Memoji is actually an animated emoji of yourself, which you can customise using face detection feature. People fell in love with Bitmoji, and seems that Apple is cashing in on that. And the fact that Snap spent more than $60 million on the maker of Bitmoji reaffirms that fact. And oh, did I mention that now you can stick out your tongue and Animojis do the same?

Group FaceTime Calls

iOS12 Face Time multichat
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FaceTime is also getting a huge boost from video calls between two people to now having video calls up with up to 32 people. This feature is something that was long expected from Apple, and it is finally here. And if you feel bored with a particular long video call, you can just use an Animoji! One of the new features of FaceTime is, when person in video call starts speaking his photo automatically gets bigger than others.

watchOS 5

Apple watchOS 5 Yoga screen
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Apple also announced WatchOS 5, the new update for the Apple Watch. The new update includes new features for workout types like yoga and hiking, challenges for friends, and also automatic workout detection. This new update from Apple transforms the Apple Watch from just being a smart watch to a good fitness tracker too. watchOS 5 also brings new improved notifications like grouping similar notifications, optimizing the website for Apple Watch small screen and lots more.

macOS Mojave

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Apple also released the macOS Mojave, the next version of the Mac operating system that brings in features like Dark Mode and also few new tools like Stacks to help users stay organized by stacking files intelligently and in viewing and finding them easier. Apple introduces a time-shifting wallpaper with Mojave that simulates how Mojave desert looks during the morning, evening and night. Dark Mode dims the screen and changes background of all folders, windows to black so you can focus on work. Even Swift Code looks beautiful in Dark Mode with code highlighted in different colors.

tvOS 12 and Apple TV 4K

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Apple’s tvOS 12 takes the cinematic experience of Apple TV 4K to the next level, making it the only streaming player both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certified.

Cable service providers like Charter in US, CANAL+ in France and Salt in Switzerland are providing Apple TV 4K to their customers. iTunes will be home to largest collection of Dolby Atmos supported movies and will also include Dolby Audio for free.

Apple truly enthralled the audience at this year WWDC 2018 with launch of iOS12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 software updates giving developers lot to look forward to. Which of updates are you most excited for, let us know in comments below

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