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What to expect at Apple’s WWDC 2018; live Keynote begins at 10am PDT

Apple’s WWDC(Worldwide Developers Conference) 2018, the most awaited conference of the year for tech aficionados and Apple fans begins today. The WWDC conference will be held from 4 – 8 June at McEnery Convention Centre, San Jose, same as where it was held last year. The live event will begin streaming live at 10am PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) and in India will begin at 10.30pm IST(Indian Standard Time).

There have many rumors surfacing online over the past year as what to expect at WWDC this year, as usual one would expect updates to Apple’s OS or maybe a hardware upgrade to it previously launched devices.Many upgrades which are long overdue are also looked forward too, not just for the Mac, but for the iWatch too.

After Google’s recent IO Keynote, now it’s time for Apple to blow us away. Considering that Apple has been consistently surprising us every year, we can definitely expect something exciting. Though it is common to see software updates every year, this time Apple needs to roll up their sleeves and do something really exciting.

The WWDC is that time of the year when developers see the changes to software, new code upgrades and new features that the company is going to bring during the year, but it is equally important for us users to also see all that the company is going to do.

What can we expect to launch at Apple’s WWDC 2018

1. iOS 12

Apple iOS for iPhone

The new design changes on the iPad and the iPhone has blown everyone away, and they are seen as design changes so that the whole iOS ecosystem could follow a unified design language. The changes in this aspect and more is expected to be released this year. The iOS 12 is also expected to see some changes and edits to some core apps like the Mail, Camera and Photos.

Apple iOS 12 is also expected to fix issues where the iOS 11 failed to please us. The iOS 11 had a few setbacks when it came to security and privacy. And after the wake of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, security has been of utmost importance to tech companies. And Apple is also making security a top priority.

2. iPhone SE

When the iPhone SE was released a few years back, the company was criticised for the move. But there were also many who loved the phone and have since then longed for a successor. And there is an apt reason to believe that the iPhone SE would be released at the WWDC. The Eurasian Economic Commission has had a number of iOS 11 devices registered, and it is possible that we would be seeing the iPhone SE 2 at the WWDC.

3. watchOS 5

Apple Watch 3 Launch
Photo Credits : Apple Newsroom

The Apple Watch 3 is one of the most loved products from Apple, and the company is now releasing a new update to the Apple Watch. This new update from the company features a new slew of features for the Apple Watch. More new features that are expected to arrive are customizations to the Control Centre, new watch faces and also a new intuitive software that can enable an always-on watch face.

4. New Mac Pro

New iMac Pro 2017
Picture Credits : Apple Newsroom

Apple has already given a hint that it is working on a new completely redesigned iMac Pro, and so there are huge expectations for that to happen too. Apple had mentioned that the new Mac Pro would be an upgrade favouring performance, an upgradeable design and also a high-end display.

Also expected to go with the Mac Pro is an expected release of a Mac. It’s been awhile since Apple has released a Mac, and this year’s WWDC 18 can be the perfect stage for Apple to do this.

5. MacBooks

Apple is not just going to resort to computers but is also going in for the MacBooks too. It is reported that MacBooks might not get a major overhaul, but a few software updates, and also an update to the MacBook lineup that might feature a boost to hardware, and more specifically, RAM.

Another forgotten product from Apple is the Mac Mini which is yet to see an update. It is also rumoured that a new Mac Mini might also make its debut at Apple’s WWDC 2018.

6. iPad Pro 2018

Move over low-end Mac Mini’s when we have the all-powerful iPad Pro. It is also expected that there is going to be an iPad Pro 3 this year. Though there has been a recent iPad released, this new iPad Pro is rumoured to come in 12.9 inch and 10.5-inch variants. These new iPad Pro’s are expected to sport a True Depth camera and will also have a bezel-less design.

7. Apple TV

The Apple TV has gone extinct. Don’t get me wrong, but the Apple TV is great and everything, but it has been unable to stand against all the other third-party streaming and internet services into wooing customers.

Apple had begun creating its own original video content and has also invested heavily(around $1 billion) in the effort of doing that. And that must be more than enough for Apple’s latest original content, a new animated series called Central Park that has got some A-players like Steven Spielberg, Jamie Erlischt and Zack Van Amburg too on board. In short, if Apple does announce this new venture at the WWDC, the other streaming services are done for.

8. New Apple Display

Apple is also expected to announce a new high-end display to go with the Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is a true workhorse, and one might want a matching high-end display to go with the Mac Pro. It’s time that Apple upgrades its 5K monitor and release an 8K monitor. And that truly makes sense with every industry involving screens going for 8K.

This year’s WWDC just doesn’t have to release new products but has to rival all the announcements Google made during its developer’s conference. And truly speaking, that might not be easy for Apple until it pulls off some pretty impressive software and hardware. One can only wait and see if Apple will truly be able to blow everyone off their Google hangover and capture back the market.

How to watch live Keynote

Apple users can watch it on their iPhones, iPads or iTouch using Safari browser on iOS 10. You could also watch it on Mac OS Sierra 10.12, Windows 10 users could watch it on Microsoft Edge. You can stream to AppleTV via Airplay or you could watch it on latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

Visit the keynote link to watch the keynote streaming live.

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