5 Ways to tell if a person knows little about good sound…

High-fidelity Sound is a luxury, some people can afford this luxury whereas some find it hard to even purchase a decent sounding audio system. Here however we are trying to talk of a different subject altogether. It is how people perceive good sound and how in 5 ways you can tell how much a person knows about good sound…

Top 5 Misconceptions about good sound, you ought to reconsider

5. If it’s loud it has to be good…

loud music headphones

This is the biggest misconception people have about audio systems, and be it a car audio system, a home audio system or a loud concert. The general rule is if it can playback loudly it has to be a good audio system. Fact is, loudness is one of the lesser known factors by which one must judge the audio capabilities of an audio system. If you have visited your local home theatre shop, you will be witness to this fact that all systems are tested at the loudest possible levels.

The common man who loves music must understand that quality is independent of loudness and whether an audio system is played softly, moderately or loudly there must be detail in the sound and it should not cause any listening fatigue at all.

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