Auto Expo Tata H5X SUV
Auto Expo Tata H5X SUV

Tata Motors reveals two new concept cars, the H5X Premium SUV and 45X Hatchback at Auto Expo ‘18

At Auto Expo 2018, Tata motors revealed two new concept cars, the Tata H5X Premium SUV and the 45X Premium Hatchback. And Tata Motors plans to reveal the third concept car at Geneva Motor Show 2018 later this year.

Taking automation and the automobile industry to the whole next level is all what 2018 Auto Expo is about. Though many companies have upgraded their old flagships to new, sportier ones, there are still few other companies who have started from scratch to create a cutting-edge design and implementing it in a vehicles And Tata Motors just showed us innovation by revealing concept cars.

Features of Tata H5X Premium SUV


Tata H5X front at Auto Expo 2018

Since Tata acquired Land Rover, reports emerged that Tata will be implementing the Land Rover design algorithm and Tata has done exactly that with the H5X SUV. It’s based on the Land Rover’s Discovery Sports platform and is yet another step from Tata towards a new modular design and concept. Based on the Impact 2.0 design language, these next generation passenger vehicles from the Company are derived from two new architectures – the ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’ Architecture and ‘Agile Light Flexible Advanced’ Architecture respectively.

Tata H5X SUV Auto Expo 2018

This new monocoque SUV also provides a glimpse into the future generation of Tata Motors SUVs in almost all matters, and especially when coming to design, technology and sheer capabilities. The H5X, which definitely stole the show offers extraordinary exteriors, beautiful and intelligently designed interiors and also supports futuristic connectivity and infotainment. Thus, the SUV packs it all up in a vehicle that is practical, comfortable, versatile and also easy to drive. This is also the first car which will be following the 2.0 Design language.

Overall, the car received widespread attention, the roof attracted most eyeballs which seems to be virtually floating with a soup like silhouette. Though specs have not yet been confirmed, the new SUV has a sharp and bulky look that contributes to its aggressiveness. The sharp headlights and lines also contribute to this style. The concept design also includes a full glass rooftop.

Tata Motors has confirmed the technical specifications thus giving us an overall idea of the car’s exterior. The H5X SUV will measure 4575 mm in length and 1960 mm and 1686 mm in width and height respectively.


Tata H5X Rear at Auto Expo 2018

Reports also suggest that the H5X would be powered by a 2.0 litre MultiJet diesel engine, which is also used to power the Jeep Compass. The engine, if confirmed, will be coming with a standard 6-speed manual. Other reports also suggest the possibility of Tata and Land Rover working together on using the ZF 9-speed auto engine, the same engine which will be used in the upcoming Compass Trailhawk, which is a new upcoming SUV from Jaguar Land Rover.

The H5X is however expected to be an expensive vehicle, since it will be a compete with other SUVs in Indian market like the Hyundai Creta and the Jeep Compass. Compared to both SUVs, H5X is much bigger and is expected to take on the compact SUV range as well.

Tata Motors claims that though the design is borrowed from the Land Rover family, the design has been altered to fit Indian conditions. The SUV will be a five-seater. Tata claims with full confidence that this SUV shatters all current benchmarks and will definitely pave the way for new SUV standards in India.

Tata 45X Hatchback Auto Expo 2018

Price & Availability

The Tata H5X is estimated to launch in India with a price tag of Rs. 15,00,000 (Source : CarDekho). While the 45X Hatchback concept will launch with an estimated price tag of Rs. 8,00,000. We are hoping both the premium H5X SUV and 45X hatchback garner great response in Indian automobile market. Let us know in comments below, which is best concept car from Tata that you like the most.

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