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Top 5 Handy Smartphone Apps for Better Driving, You Need To Download

Have you ever had trouble locating the nearest petrol pump or navigating to your destination without running around in circles? I guess the road hasn’t been that easy, but apps come to our rescue solving our problems and helping us reach our destination in shortest time or getting to the nearest petrol pump.

Car manufacturers are integrating Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to improve driving experience along with a bunch of useful apps that make driving a pleasure. Using touchscreen and voice navigation, life is a lot much simpler.

Top 5 Handy Smartphone Apps for Better Driving, we recommend You must download & use.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps Android app
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Google Maps is the most preferred GPS Navigation app preferred by both Android & iOS smartphone users. Google has been constantly releasing the best features to make commute easy.

The Live Traffic update is quite an amazing feature, complete with providing an alternate route if needed. Google Maps also gives you the ability to search for nearby petrol stations and hotels. It gives preferences to those that are heading up along on your route. It acts as a great app for hotel recommendations with user’s reviews.

The app also comes with additional features like satellite and terrain imaging, and a “Drive” mode, that contains fewer distractions, coupled up with voice guidance, that helps drivers to focus on the road. Offline maps are a useful feature that lets you download maps of places you regularly visit, so you can use them if you are offline.

You can download the Google Maps – Navigation & Transit app for Android from Play Store or Google Maps – GPS Navigation for iOS from App Store.


Size : 27.47 MB
Version : 9.64.1
Compatibility : Requires Android 0S and works on Android Wear
Updated : Oct 16, 2017

Get it on Google Play


Size : 131 MB
Version : 4.38
Compatibility : Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Updated : Oct 17, 2017

Download from App Store

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