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Twitter testing a new feature : 280 characters limit tweets

Twitter is testing a new feature of doubling the character limit for tweets to 280 characters limit from the current 140 characters. Based on results and data Twitter collects, they might plan for global rollout of 280 characters limit for tweets.

Twitter does sympathize with us over the 140 character limit currently used. Every time we want to share our thoughts via tweets, we are not able to convey the message entirely. We might have to remove more important or meaningful words just to fit 140 character limit.

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Twitter mentioned via a tweet on its official Twitter page(@Twitter) on 16th September 2016 –

Say more about what’s happening! Rolling out now: photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets no longer count toward your 140 characters.

It means you still get 140 characters for including text and links, but photos, videos, GIFs, polls won’t reduce the character count.

Tweets in different languages
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However the limitation of characters doesn’t apply to all languages equally, tweets typed in Japanese, Korean or Chinese use fewer characters. As per research, Twitter concludes that most tweets in Japanese have 15 characters as compared to 34 characters in English. Japanese characters convey more in just one letter, hence they can easily fit the limit without omitting important facts or information.

Twitter’s Product Manager, Aliza Rosen(@alizar) mentions with an example, that when she tweets in English, she quickly reaches the 140 character limit, but when Ikuhiro Ihara, Senior Software Engineer(@nabokov7) tweets in Japanese, he doesn’t encounter the same issue.

Tweets in different languages
Photo credits: Twitter Blog

Twitter Research Stats

Twitter Research Stats
Photo credits: Twitter Blog

Twitter doesn’t want you to cram your thoughts or information within 140 chars and wants you to express yourself better with new 280 chars limit. Research states that 9% of all English tweets hit the 140 characters limit, while just 0.4% of all Japanese tweets hit the limit. To avoid the frustration caused by 140 character limit, Twitter will test the new character limit among a small group of people and won’t be available to all.

Twitter is brevity. It’s what makes it such a great way to see what’s happening. Tweets get right to the point with information or thoughts that matter.

Twitter does understand how emotionally attached we have been with 140 character limit over the years. But they are testing the new character limit and feels it will be a success. Let’s hope Twitter rolls out the new feature to users globally, what are your views on this.

Let us know in comments section below if you’re happy with 280 character limit or you prefer the current 140 character limit. We will keep you posted about latest updates from Twitter, just subscribe to our daily news updates.

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