Dangerous Dave Level 01

Dangerous Dave, A seriously addictive DOS game you must have played in your childhood

Dangerous Dave was a game developed for the Apple II and MS-DOS back in 1988 by John Romero.It was developed as an example game to accompany his article about his GraBASIC, an Applesoft BASIC add-on, for the UpTime disk magazine.

The idea for Dangerous Dave came to John Romero under the influence of Super Mario. There are similarities between the two games, such as the secret levels, the level design, the monsters, and the jumping.[citation needed] According to Romero, he was “on purpose trying to make a Mario game.

Since then there have been many versions of this game. This popular game was integrated with VGA graphics which was considered to be way advanced for its time.

dangerous dave level 03

Dangerous Dave Game Objective

The objective of the game is to explore the deserted pirate’s hideout where Dave’s rival, Clyde Cooper, hid ten skateboarding trophies. On his quest Dave will encounter various monsters, traps and other perils, as well as treasure, useful items and weapons.

There is a Jetpack that allows Dave to fly across and help him reach his goals while collecting jewels all across the levels for bonuses. The game has hidden warp zones on few levels that make this game even more interesting and fun.

Dangerous Dave Jetpack

The objective of the game is to collect gold cups to move on to the next level. Since the original 1988 publishing of Dangerous Dave on UpTime, there have been three sequels and three ports of the original to other platforms.

Dangerous Dave Game Facts

Release‎: ‎1988‎
Developer: ‎John Romero‎
Platform(s)‎: ‎Apple II‎, ‎MS-DOS‎
Publisher: ‎Softdisk‎

Whether you’ve played this game before or not, we recommend having a go with it for a really fun time. Don’t forget to use DOSBox on your modern PC to play this game. Let us know in comments below about your experience playing the nostalgic game Dangerous Dave.