CAN-AM Outlander ATV Ascent

True Exploration with the CAN-AM Outlander 6X6 ATV

Forget the 4x4s, it’s time to embrace 6×6. Reaching your destination wherever it might be, doesn’t have to be task, with the CAN-AM outlander 6×6 ATV it is possible to conquer any terrain, be it forests, hills or streams, thanks to its on-demand six wheel drive.

We’d like to think of the Outlander as a true off-roader not only for its 6×6 capabilities but also for its size and towing and load carrying capacity.

CAN-AM Outlander 6x6 ATV Climb

CAN-AM Outlander ATV Features

Powered by the Rotax® V-Twin 1000 engine, you can get true on-demand six-wheel power when needed. The Rotax® V-Twin 1000 engine is mated to a CVT transmission which will make this a joy to ride. The rear bed can be customised as per your preference.

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) on the Outlander 6×6 has an extra low range L-gear to allow for an increased workload and a softer engagement for smooth starts. Its CVT intake features improved cooling for increasedefficiency in work conditions.

Storage Capacity

The CAN-AM Outlander 6X6 ATV allows to towing capacity of 750kgs and a cargo capacity of 363 kgs. The Outlander ATV comes equipped with Double A-arm suspensions in the front and Double Torsional Trailing arm Independent suspensions in the rear. For braking the Outlander has Dual 214 mm ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers in the front and rear.

CAN-AM Outlander 6x6 ATV Wood Load

The CAN-AM Outlander 6X6 ATV starts at price of $16,000 for DPS Model and $12,999 for XT model. You can purchase it from here

Watch the product video of CAN-AM Outlander 6X6 ATV in action on all types of terrain.

Use this vehicle for work or for plain fun, there won’t be anything or any terrain to be specific to stop the CAN-AM Outlander 6×6 ATV. Would you like to own the Can-Am Outlander 6X6 ATV, let us know in comments below.