Windows 10 Creators Update Cyber-attack Proof

Windows is now officially cyber attack proof with the new Windows 10 Creators Update.

On it’s official blog, Microsoft stated that the latest Windows 10 Creators Update can withstand and protect the device from ransomware and other attacks. This year has been an exceptionally good one for hackers. From doctors unable to access patient health records and Government officials claiming that confidential documents are missing to the stock market crashing due to just one hack, people around the world are scared to wits.

We are not just concerned about our personal data, but about the internet on the whole. We are heavily dependent on the internet, and most of our day-to-day services are dependent on it. But when those privileges stop, also with the risk of losing the data those services contain, we don’t know what to do. Well, seems like Microsoft knows just the right thing.

Zomato Online Food Delivery Service Hacked

In just this year, various websites and applications like Wonga, Zomato and Three have been hacked, and millions of user data have been stolen. Studies reveal that although servers and user systems were not at fault, their outdated protection features were. Hackers are evolving, and so are their methods. Old protection features and codes cannot even stand a chance against them, and so, they fail to withstand them.

Microsoft realised that ransomware affected not only Windows computers, but also Linux and Mac. Microsoft thus have improved their protection services against the brazen modern cyber crime. The latest update thus hardens the software, and leverages hardware-based security.

Windows 10 Scan with Defender

Windows will also receive a huge update for services like Windows Defender Antivirus and Windows Defender Threat Protection. These services have been equipped not only with the ability to defend attackers, but also detect them, and create a protection or a shield, well before they can even attack.

Windows has also made the portal open by encouraging users to respond to threats with programs like Windows Defender ATP. Thus Windows will not need to wait for an attack to hit them, but can be up and ready with an update as soon as users are affected.

Windows 10 Creators Update Edge Browser

Windows has also boasted that no ransomware can work against the latest operating system, Windows 10 S. Windows 10 users were also not affected with other attacks like the recent WannaCry. Microsoft also specified that it’s default browser, Edge, is a safer than the other browsers out there, and that only Edge can track one’s movement on the internet, thus warning him if he comes across any potential threats.

Windows is now capable of tracking oncoming threats and attacks due to the cloud and artificial intelligence built on top of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. Windows has also enabled its program to share useful remediation actions for security experts who would like to tackle the attacks on their own.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph

Although these features don’t work or support on previous generations of Windows, in extreme cases, Microsoft has pushed out updates for those versions as well, as many company’s core servers and systems work on old versions of Windows.

Even after the update, Windows will notify users on how to do their part in protecting themselves from attacks like backing up data to the cloud and checking if their anti-malware software is up to date. So will you or have you already upgraded to latest Windows 10 Creators Update, let us know in comments below.

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