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How To Setup and Secure WiFi Hotspot in Android for sharing

Don’t know how to setup and secure your wifi hotspot? Follow these simple steps mentioned below to Setup Hotspot on Android device and share with friends.

How to Setup and Secure WiFi Hotspot

What is a WiFi Hotspot?

WiFi Hotspot

A hotspot is basically a wireless access point providing internet access to mobile devices, that are generally available in public places. For a WiFi hotspot to work effectively, a good internet connection is needed for the device. Smartphones have the capability of enabling their own hotspot. In doing so, you can connect your tablet, laptop or any other mobile device to the hotspot, thus also connecting them to the internet.

How to Setup WiFi Hotspot on Android?

Share WiFi Hotspot on Android

To create your own WiFi hotspot, you will need a good internet connection. You cannot connect to a hotspot and to another wireless network at the same time. Once you have established the internet connection, go to Settings, tap Wireless Networks or More and head to Tethering & Portable Hotspot. From there, enable portable hotspot. Once turned on, you can go to your desired device and connect to the network just as you connect to any other wireless network.

How to Secure your WiFi Hotspot on Android device?

Secure WiFi Hotspot on Android

When you create your own WiFi Hotspot without securing it, anyone can have access to your network and use the internet. Thus, bringing unwarranted usage to your internet. There is also the risk of hackers trying to hack into your network. To secure your wireless network, you can enable WPA2 PSK security to your wireless network and also enable a password too. In doing so, if anyone wants to connect to your network, they would have to fill out the password and then only connect to your network.

There are two other alternate ways to share your WiFi Hotspot.

  1. You can share internet via Bluetooth and USB Tethering. Pair the two devices via Bluetooth and share the internet.
  2. You can connect two devices via USB and share the internet that way.

The disadvantage with Bluetooth and USB connection is, that only two devices can be connected at once. While in the wireless Hotspot at least 10 devices can be connected at any given time. It is always advisable to switch off your hotspot once you have used the internet. Wifi Hotspot consumes a lot of battery and data, hence you should use it wisely.

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