Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus FPS Game

Top 5 FPS Games launched at E3 Expo 2017 that you can’t wait to get your hands on

E3 Expo 2017 came and conquered the hearts of many gamers, bringing a whole new roster of games. FPS games formed a major part of the roster, since playing in first person shooter mode gives gamers the ultimate thrill. So, here is our list of Top 5 FPS games launched at E3 Expo 2017 that enthralled the audience with it’s realistic real world graphics and intense gameplay experience.

Top 5 FPS games to choose from

Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus

Machine Games and Bethesda are bringing gamers back to their alternate reality created through an alternate history. The trailer gave us a sneak peek as Terror-Billy took his fight to the American shores. He is seen slaughtering Nazi soldiers left-right and center and if they are anything to go by, the trailer is everything we could ask for. The game is set in 1961 which means that we should be getting the now Thompsons to mow down the Nazi scum.
Release Date : 27th October

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