CHG90 HDR QLED Curved Gaming Monitors

Samsung redefines the gaming industry with launch of the First HDR QLED Curved Gaming Monitors

What if you could combine three gaming monitors into one without connecting them separately, the answer would be Samsung’s First HDR QLED Curved Gaming Monitors. Samsung Electronics launched two new curved gaming monitors CHG90(49”) and CHG70(32”, 27”) which feature HDR(High Dynamic Range) picture enhancement technology found in televisions.

Samsung’s First HDR QLED Curved Gaming Monitors

The combination of CHG90’s ultra-wide display and CHG70’s Quantum Dot Composition​ gives game developers a realistic detailed picture with crisp colors and sharper contrast which improves gameplay experience.

Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Business at Samsung Electronics says, “Gamers want to feel completely immersed in their favorite games, and our new monitors provide the most stunning visuals and realistic content to deliver the ultimate gaming experience”.

More Vivid and Detailed Gaming Experience

The QLED quantum​ dot technology delivers a new metal core and supports both 125% of the sRGB color spectrum and 95% of Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI-P3) motion picture standards to deliver exceptional wide color range.

Samsung Curved QLED Gaming Monitor

Samsung’s CHG90 sets a new visual standard for gaming displays with 32:9 aspect ratio and Double Full HD(DFHD) resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels on 49” screen. The monitor delivers a stunning 1,800R curvature and ultra-wide 178° viewing angle and maintains constant visibility from any location.

Gamers can now reduce costs, logistics and get rid of rid of central bezel interference that arises when attaching separate monitors for an expanded view.

Samsung CHG90 is perfect for first-person shooting games(Top 5 FPS games launched at E3 2017), racing(Top 5 Racing games launched at E3 2017), flight simulation and heavy action games because of an accelerated 144hz refresh rate and 1ms MPRT(Motion Picture Response Time). It comes with advanced, four-channel scanning technology to avoid blur and produce more consistent picture across the screen.

Gaming at Next Level

The Samsung CHG70 comes in two sizes 32” and 27” with integrated HDR and quantum dot technology with refresh rate similar to CHG90 at 144hz. The combination of two technologies gives brighter display of 600 nit peak brightness and WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels which highlights the slightest of differences in light or dark environments.

Both gaming monitors feature AMD’s new Radeon FreeSync 2 technology that eliminates stuttering and tearing and drives seamless frame transitions. Radeon FreeSync 2 supports wide color gamut to showcase HDR content twice the amount brighter than offered by sRGB standard. Users can enjoy smooth low-latency plug-n-play HDR gaming experience without adjusting software or monitor settings.

Samsung CHG90 HDR Gaming Need for Speed Payback

Samsung is expanding its strategic partnerships with EA Studio DICE and Ghost Games to tune the CHG90 and CHG70 monitors to deliver optimal HDR picture quality. The new monitors have been optimized to run games like Need for Speed Payback and Stars Wars BattleFront II which have been unveiled at E3 Expo 2017. Both monitors have received HDR compatibility validation with NVIDIA Graphics cards ensure the support wide range of HDR compatible games and PC devices.

The CHG90 recently received the bronze award at the Industrial Designers Society of America(AMEA) Awards in the Consumer Technology category, while CHG70 reached the finalist nomination in same category.

Shop Online Samsung’s First HDR QLED Curved Gaming Monitors

Both the gaming monitors are available for sale on Samsung website, the CHG90 49” monitor is priced $1,499.99(approx INR 97,000). The CHG70 27” monitor is priced at $599.99(approx INR 38,000) while 32” model is priced at $699.99(approx INR 45,000).

What you think of Samsung’s new curved gaming monitors, can we see it replacing our gaming monitors very soon. Let us know in comments below.

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