What You Need To Know About New MacOS High Sierra

new MacOS High Sierra
Picture Credits : Apple Newsroom

Talk about a snappy Operating System that powers one of the most used devices in the world. Talk about New MacOS High Sierra. Apple previewed the futuristic software at its Annual Developer Conference, Apple WWDC 17 Keynote on Monday. Though many of these features are behind the scenes, they are a big boost to the overall ecosystem of the device. Although we have just seen a review, the new features are very well welcomed.

Features of the new MacOS High Sierra

1. Updates to Safari:

New Updated Safari Browser
Picture Credits : Apple Newsroom

The update is bringing various setting changes to Safari, including blocking softwares that track your internet activities. Safari can now stop videos from autoplaying too. There are also more options to settings that are customizable such as manually allowing a site to have access to your location and setting a page zoom level of your choice.

2. iMessage:

Apple iMessage Feature
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After the breakthrough update to iMessage last year, Apple has again given a nifty update to the service by allowing you to backup your messages. These can be synchronized to any iOS device under the same account. These were one of the features that caught all of us by surprise.

3. Photo Editing:

MacOS High Sierra Photo Editing
Picture Credits : Apple Newsroom

Finally Apple has given access to third-party applications to open up straight from the Photos app. Your photos are also saved by default. These give users easy access rather than opening up photo editing apps individually and then editing.

4. A New File System:

MacOS High Sierra File System
Picture Credits : Apple Newsroom

Apple has constructed from ground level, a brand new file interface that works with the pace of new and present files and media. This new flash based file system stores and shows all your offline data and also backed-up files from the cloud.

5. A New Video Standard:

New Video Standard Hevc
Picture Credits: Apple Newsroom

th this new software, videos can be compressed up to 40 percent more than the current standard for video compression. This in turn, has a lesser strain on the device, saves your battery, while preserving the same visual quality.

6. Metal 2:

MacOS High Sierra Metal 2
Picture Credits : Apple Newsroom

Metal 2 gives your Mac the ability to unleash your Mac’s powerful GPU. Metal 2 now takes visual experience to the next level, but also gives the added benefit by adding capabilities like machine learning, virtual reality and external GPU support for applications. This added functionality gives users the benefit of using or developing any applications and bringing it to life.

7. Virtual Reality:

Mac High Sierra Virtual Reality HTC VIVE
Picture Credits : Apple Newsroom

Virtual reality is now not a bleeding new technology. But it is only now that Apple is spilling its beans on it. Now users can finally create content for Virtual Reality software, or develop apps that solely rely on virtual reality. You can do it using the new iMac Retina 5K Display or new iMac Pro coupled with HTC Vive VR Headset and apps like Final Cut Pro, SteamVR, Epic Unreal 4 Editor, and Unity Editor.

8. Photos:

MacOS High Sierra Photos
Picture Credits : Apple Newsroom

Photos too have received a well needed update that includes an all new navigational, organisational and editing upgrades, which makes the experience even better. Upgrades include an expanded sidebar with recent photographs, options of organising photos into manual albums, advanced editing tools and Live Photos stolen from the iPhone.

The iMac has received a well deserved update after running on an outdated software for a while. The new MacOS High Sierra Developer Preview is now out, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final one.

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