Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote

What Can You Expect From This Year’s Apple WWDC?

Apple enthusiasts around the world wait expectantly for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, known as Apple WWDC which is conducted every year. Apple regularly announces new software’s and hardware during the program every year, and also keeps it’s developers informed on what is coming in the following year. Apple has constantly evolved from their first WWDC, and this year just got better. Apple has officially confirmed that the Keynote Address will be streamed online globally across devices.

Previous year’s Keynote Address saw multiple upgrades from older Operating Systems, huge improvements in key Apple services, and many improvements to the then newly redesigned Apple Music. The week long conference which will be held in San Jose, California will begin on June 5, Monday, at 10:30 pm IST.

What can you expect from this year’s Apple WWDC?

Apple OS update

Which new devices we can expect from Apple WWDC

Well, Apple is expected to announce huge updates to its Operating Systems across all devices. This includes the iPhone, iOS 11, Mac, macOS 10.13, Apple Watch, watchOS 4 and Apple TV, tvOS 11. Apple is also expected to release a Siri Speaker to rival the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo. Among the other hardware’s expected to be released is a 10.5 inch iPad Pro, which is believed to be redesigned from scratch to rival the hugely popular Microsoft Surface line in the productivity field.

Also, a new or a new line of MacBook’s are expected to be released this year. It is also rumoured that Apple will be making huge upgrades with the Apple Music, considering the slew of new announcements made about the app.

What can we expect for iOS users

iOS users worldwide have voiced their expectations on the to-be released iOS 11, which include Animated Icons which will enable applications to show content without even opening the app, iPhone functionality improvements that can include functionality to the Apple Watch as well, a customizable Control centre, enhanced 3D touch for various other services, and also an enhanced Call interface that is much more subtle than the present interface.

Apple iOS for iPhone

What can we expect at Conference

The programs during the Apple WWDC event include Sessions where new Apple technologies will be announced, Hands-On Labs and Consultations where developers can have face to face appointments with Apple experts, Guest Speakers which will include various esteemed luminaries in attendance, and also various third-party events arranged throughout the week.

This year is believed to be a huge turn in the company’s growth. Apple will have to compete with the recent technological advancements made by Google, Microsoft and Samsung, and also combat with their amazing products released recently. Also a technology that Apple is yet to tap into is Virtual Reality, which other major companies have already released products. Apple also is due to bring an update to the good-old Siri, with the rise of Google Assistant.

With Apple also going the extra mile and streaming the keynote online, expectations are on the rise. How can you see the Apple WWDC Keynote online? With expectations on the rise, Apple is believed to stage a grand show and please its loyalists. We’ll only know on June 5th!

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