Android Malware Judy

Android Malware Judy, the new Judas in town!

First it was Judas who plunged mankind into the dark ages by betraying Jesus. Now, it is Android Malware Judy who is threatening to do the same with all the Android users. Judy who? You may ask. Well, by Judy, I mean to say the Android Malware Judy that has infected more than 36 million smartphones and might infect more thanks to the 41 apps that have the malware in them

So what is Android Malware Judy and how does it work?

Android Malware Judy is an auto, ad clicking software that generates false clicks on advertisements. This in turn generates revenue for the attackers. It works by altering the Java code and taking the user to certain targeted websites. Once it has reached its destination, it locates the ad banners through the java script and auto clicks on them and generates revenue for the hackers.

How does Android Malware Judy spread?​

It spreads when someone downloads apps under the Judy brand. These apps include cooking, fashion etc. It was discovered by a security firm, CheckPoint and since then it has been estimated that these apps have been downloaded close to 20 million times, resulting in the widespread chaos and issues.

Who created Android Malware Judy?​

As per CheckPoint, the Judy malware was created by a group called Kinwini. The group has been registered on Google Play Store as ENISTUDIO corp. The group’s origins are somewhere in South Korea as per CheckPoint and it has created a large number of freemium apps on both Android and iOS platforms. However, the malware has been restricted to Android devices so far.

How long has Android Malware Judy been there?​

As per CheckPoint, the malware has been present on Google Play for years. However, it is only recently that it has come to fore. The oldest app as per the security firm was last updated sometime in April 2016. This just goes on to show how long the said malware has been hiding and remained undetected.

How to protect your device​?

Here are some of the tips and tricks you can use to protect your device from Android Malware Judy​

  1. Try to read all user reviews
  2. Check apps for suspicious behaviour
  3. Keep your device updated along with the latest security patches
  4. Use VPN services whenever connecting to a public network.​
  5. Do not download 3rd party APKs or share apps with others.

What has Google done to prevent Android Malware Judy from spreading?​

Google has launched a new security measure, the Play Protect. It will detect all similar kinds of malware sooner rather than later It will be built into every device with Google Play and will automatically take action to protect the user’s privacy and data. It is estimated to scan 50 billion apps every day and will remove all apps that might be harmful.

So now your well aware of What Android Judy Malware is all about, follow our simple tips to protect your phone from malware attack.

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