Save Your Android Battery
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5 Tips To Save Battery On Your Android Phone

You remember that time when you had to use your phone throughout the journey, but it died mid way? Well, we hate that, don’t we? Smartphones have become the norm for accessibility in our day to day life, and that means that we use it wherever we go. From the time we wake up, till the time we rest for the night, the one thing that is always with us is our phones.

Now when that is the case, it’s all the more necessary for us to conserve our phone’s battery. It’s not practical to carry our charger’s wherever we go, and carrying battery packs does not allow us to travel light.

So here are 5 Tips to Save Battery on Your Android Phone.

Android Bluetooth Settings

1. Turn off settings when not in use.

Smartphones these days provide us with various settings such as Bluetooth, Location Services, Hotspot and so on. But it is not necessary for us to turn it on all the time. Not using the map’s or hailing a taxi? Turn off Location Services. Not sharing your internet with someone? Turn off your hotspot. If you are not using the application, then don’t use the setting.

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