The Manta Resort, Underwater Room
The Manta Resort, Underwater Room

Changing Definitions of Luxury: Unique Hotels Across the World

A luxury hotel no longer necessarily means heavy golden curtains and French windows overlooking the sea from the highest floor of a tower. People want adventure and thrill that’s almost straight out of a blockbuster movie. Hotcore takes you through some of the most unique hotels worldwide.

Unique Hotel - The Manta Resort, Tanzania
The Manta Resort, Tanzania

1. The Manta Resort, Tanzania :

Fancy your own cottage in the middle of the sea? Then head directly to The Manta in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The entire structure has three levels. A sea level lounge area, an upper deck for sun bathing and finally the lower deck that plunges into an underwater bedroom. A night’s stay here will set you back by $1500 including all meals as well as a kayak, snorkel, and fins.

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