BMW Unveils the Motorrad VISION NEXT 100: Redefining Biking of the Future

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

German Luxury Motor Company BMW has announced its concept for a futuristic, self-balancing bike. Artificial intelligence combines with sleek design to conceptualize the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100. Part of the VISION NEXT series of vehicles, this futuristic bike looks like a dream straight out of a Hollywood movie and yet, is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad said that developing and designing a motorcycle involves thinking of the future. Most auto companies believe that 30 years from now cars and bikes
will move around with greater autonomy. “The motorcycle provides my escape from everyday life. From the moment, I climb on board, I experience nothing but absolute freedom – The Great Escape,”
says Heinrich.

Riding BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

The BMW Motorrad, with its self-balancing feature and automatically adjusting frame, will target both, the novice and professional biker. These new safety features have eliminated the need for a helmet. Replacing the helmet, are a pair of sleek data glasses ‘Visor’, also designed by BMW, that will provide route information and keep the rider informed of any hazards along the way. When the rider looks straight ahead the glasses will not display any information, thus providing an unhindered riding experience. Only in case of hazards or when the rider requests data the Visor displays information on two-thirds of its screen.

sleek data glasses Visor

The special jacket and shoes designed as part of the VISION NEXT bike wear series will eliminate the need for heavy protective gear. The jacket will have an A/C function that will automatically cool or warm up the rider, as the situation demands. The structures of both, the shoes and the jacket have been made flexible akin to the muscle chords on our body. With the Motorrad, a rider can completely live his or her dream of gliding along the highway – truly feeling the wind race by, unencumbered by heavy and sweaty protective gear.

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 Biker Suit

The body of the bike is made from carbon fibre, making it tough and yet, lightweight. The triangular-shaped frame of the vehicle pays homage to BMWs first bike, the r32, launched back in 1923, after World War I. The Motorrad is environment friendly with its zero-carbon emission and boasts of being the first truly crash free bike with its camera based driver assistance technology.
The Motorrad concept was first unveiled, mid-October, in Los Angeles. With no official launch date declared, Heinrich says that BMW believes the Motorrad VISION NEXT series will officially hit the roads 10 years from now. While we wait in anticipation for this fabulous bike of the future, BMW has unveiled plans to launch its intelligent car series, the i8 Roadster in 2018 and BMW iNEXT by 2021.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

Watch the movie of BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 below –

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