Adizero F50 Crazylight Football Shoes

Adidas ADIZERO™ F50 Crazylight, The Lightest Commercial Football Shoes Ever Made

When shedding weight is everything when it comes to performance, the Adizero F50 Crazylight shoes from Adidas takes that philosophy to a whole new level. Weighing in at just 135g, the Adizero F50 Crazylight is the lightest commercial football boot produced ever.

Adizero F50 Crazylight Shoes Colors

The new Adizero F50 Crazylight has been developed along with the best players in the World to make them the ultimate performance shoe. The radical design of this pair is a sleek black and green coloured arrow design that showcases the perception of forward motion and finished off with bright orange adidas three-stripes.

Adizero F50 Crazylight Shoes Back View

These shoes have already made waves in basketball, as has the Adizero Feather in running, and with this latest football innovation, adidas continues to break the boundaries of lightweight sports performance.

The shoe weighs in at 4.7 ounces, 20 percent lighter than its predecessor. With a black and green “arrow” pattern across the upper, the F50 features bolstered traction with Adidas’s SPEEDTRAXION stud configuration on the outsole.

Adizero F50 Crazylight Shoes Interior

Adidas has always been dominating the lightweight scene with their innovative shoes, and with the Adizero F50 Crazylight, they will have a stronger hold on its dominance.

You should definitely get the Adizero F50 Crazylight shoes and play football in ultra light shoes. Let us know in comments below if you plan to buy it.